I remember being about 14 years old and starting to like boys. I remember my psoriasis just popping up everywhere; out of control.

It was always out of control, but because I was starting to like boys, I just noticed it more. It was extremely embarrassing with flakes falling off everywhere.

The Difficulty of Living With Psoriasis as an Adolescent

I remember being asked out on dates, but I always said, “No.” I had psoriasis everywhere, and didn’t know how to explain this disease to anyone.

  • I had psoriasis on my elbows, arms, legs, stomach, face, trunk, in my ears, and in the front edges of my hair, and scalp.
  • I was always worried people could see my psoriasis.
  • I always had to be covered from head to toe, even in 100 degree weather.

I don’t really know when or if people could see my psoriasis, but I always assumed they could. As I got older, I would go out at night. This was to hide my psoriasis in the dark. When I went out during the day to events, like the park, festivals, shopping centers, I was always worried people could see my skin.

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Discovering Treatments for Psoriasis: My Experience With Biologics

I have always went to a dermatologist my whole life. I got prescriptions for many skin creams and ointments, that would never worked, but that would become very tedious. I used them for years and years.

Back in the day, they would give you a tube of medication the size of a small tube of toothpaste. It would last one week. I brought this to my doctors attention and was told to put Vaseline on my skin first, so that the medication would last longer.

I have been on many treatments of pills, creams, injections, and lights since 1963. Unfortunately, most of the medications never worked on me.

About 20 years ago, I discovered biologics. They have been my wonder drug. They tend to stop working after a few years or so, but you can just start another one.