People like us with psoriasis have at many moments in our lives felt like we were different, unattractive, contagious and ugly.

It doesn’t help that our friends on social media post beautiful images of themselves looking so relaxed in their own skin.

We see psoriasis ads all over the place these days. I’m not sure when this movement broke out, but I’m glad it did.

Gain More Recognition for Your Story by Sharing With Our Community

At Power Beyond Psoriasis, our primary purpose is to build a supportive and inclusive community for people who suffer from chronic skin conditions. In order to make change for our cause, we need to grow our community all over the world. Feel free to share your story in the comments.

How Psoriasis Patient Advocates Use Social Media to Share Their Stories 

I have often felt lonely, hiding away because of my psoriasis. Truthfully, I didn’t know anyone in my social circles who had it. (Here’s a link to my current Facebook profile if you want to connect.)

When social media came around, I found the encouragement and empathy that I was missing in life. I met individuals who share very openly and frankly about everything between their emotional distress to ways that they’ve attempted to manage their conditions.

If you’re looking for people who can remind you of how beloved you are and how to find strength to tide through flare-ups. Look at each of these 4 people that suffer from a chronic illness and have powerful stories to tell.

Four Outstanding Patient Advocates for Psoriasis

  • Holly, 31 (@getyourskinout)  is an Irish lady who lives and works in Los Angeles, California, as a senior producer for a prominent magazine. But you’ll see none of that on her Instagram feed. Instead, she actively features users who have tagged her account and shared their fighting spirit and body positivity with their followers. She documents her medical and natural treatments and most recently produced “Beneath My Surface”: a mini documentary to raise awareness for how skin conditions impact people’s lives.
  • Rocyie, 27 (@rocyie)  Founder of @projectnaked and @safespace is unabashed about sharing how emotionally draining flare-ups can be. She advocates going off social media when one needs time to heal and always promoting the well being of self. I’ve been following her for 2 years now, and I’m always moved by how she makes it a point to break boundaries that suppress her. A familiar face at many health and wellness talks, Royce had also just last year been awarded honorary citizen of the state of Nebraska for the Young Leaders Initiative Academic Fellowship.
  • Ahila  (@naturallyhealpsoriasis) is a mother of 2 beautiful children, whose life has taken her almost everywhere in the world, from Australia, moving through Asia, and Australia. Having witnessed her psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis heal through meditation, she is a firm believer in allowing the body to heal naturally, as her Instagram handle declares. She readily shares skincare products that have helped to control her condition, but she focuses mainly on choice foods that boost her immunity, digestion, and ability to keep her bodily pain at bay.
  • Chiara 22, (@chichilionel) is living proof that you can never be too young to be a role model to all psoriasis warriors. Her love for makeup is apparent on her feed, given that she works as a makeup artist. She is never short on reminders to love one’s self in the purest way possible. Her infectious sense of positivity alone makes me smile, and I am excited to see where life will take her.

Embrace the Community That You Have in Front of You

Whether you’re struggling to accept your diagnosis or looking for inspiring people to spur you along your journey of healing and self-love, we’re here for you. These beautiful people are just a sprinkle of the many others who fight every single day to be the best version of themselves, regardless of the cards they’ve been dealt.

In case you are interested, here’s a look at the documentary being produced by Holly:

For more information about what I can do for you as a psoriasis patient advocate, visit this page of our site.