I am a patient advocate in DC. Out of the many things we’ve learned about humanity from the coronavirus is our natural fear of loneliness and worse, dying alone. There are many people in our world who, before the outbreak, have already been suffering silently in their own illnesses. But you don’t have to if you have people in your life who support and believe in you.

My Support System

I must acknowledge how blessed I’ve been to have a very safe space in the form of friends, family and even a few acquaintances online who let me be honest with them and myself. I like being a advocate for patients. In my emotional distress, I can share exactly what about psoriasis is bothering me and can count on them to either be very good listening ears or better yet, give me good counsel. These are empathetic individuals who gently pull me out from my sad pit (gentleness is important because we can be very fragile during hard times) and who help to keep me in check should I begin spiraling or simply not taking good care of myself.

Dealing With Unworthiness

There were certain periods over the many years that I’d chosen to reject this help and slowly, I became aware of why I behaved this way. Feelings of unworthiness and the fear of being a burden to others were at the forefront of it. I asked myself sometimes how much longer a friend would be able to hear me share about my struggles before deciding he/she had had enough? I wondered why someone like me should deserve such a strong support system?

While most of us have people in our lives whom we can speak to, some of us don’t and what a waste it would be to not share a few online therapist resources you could use:

· Better Help

With over 7,000 licensed therapists to provide professional help ranging from anxiety to trauma. Better help gives you the opportunity to connect with a therapist once daily, from Monday to Friday. You can choose to get in touch with him/her through text messaging or live phone/video sessions. While some similar services offer only monthly billing, Better help has the flexibility of weekly payments that could be very helpful if you wish to use the service without a continuous monthly commitment.

· Talk Space

This on-the-go therapy service takes the week-long wait out of your need to speak to a professional. Concerned about privacy?   Talk space assures “banking-grade encryption” so that you can confide in peace. better help   also does the same to provide equal protection. Messaging modes include text, video and audio but if you find the need for a live session, you can upgrade your plan.

This post is not sponsored by either service.

At the end of the day, if I’ve committed to taking ownership of my health and mental well-being, I must stand by it even on the worst days. This doesn’t mean being hard on myself but rather, reminding myself, with love, that I can try again tomorrow. And no matter how many times I fall or fail, I can still try again.