This is a real illness that should be looked at closer in our communities.  Some of us with chronic illness have experience mental health issues. Our mood, the way we think can affect our behavior.  I know that for me I experience depression for years. I never thought I was experiencing any mental issues.

Understanding My Mental Illness: Difficulty Battling Psoriasis

In my 20’s I got anxiety disorders and other addictive behaviors. It wasn’t until I saw I saw a psychiatrist that he brought it to my attention that something was not right with me and I needed help. He actually gave me a diagnosis. I was “chemically imbalanced”.  Of course, I never expected this and refuse to take the medication that he gave me.

I never had to take the medication, but I was lucky enough to get in a support group and join an organization that understood my pain. I always thought I was alone. Nobody heard my cries at night or saw my sadness during the day. My doctor said I was crying on the inside; but smiling on the outside. It took me years to understand this statement.

If you feel you can’t go at it alone; seek help from a friend, family member or doctor. Sometimes you just need to let it out.