Advice from Diane


 How does this disease limit your mental capabilities?


  • Staying in bed with pain
  • Overwhelming emotions
  • Inability to focus on projects
  • Daily challenges

Advice From Patient Advocate Diane Talbert


Problems Dealing With Mental Limitations While Living With Psoriasis


  • You have problems laying in bed, walking, reading or sitting because the pain is so bad. 
  • You feel sad or cry all the time and just stay in bed all day.
  • You start lots of projects, but you never finish them because you have symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Find a Way to Focus 

Brain fog has taken over so bad that things you have done your whole life is forgetful. 

Just doing daily chores takes so much out of you. We just don’t have the physical ability to perform routine activities. 

So many of us because of illness can’t travel or move around safely because of physical illness.

My biggest challenge was getting up to go to work everyday. I didn’t have the strength, stamina or the endurance to get up every morning, get dressed, drive to work in traffic and then sit in an office all day. 

I couldn’t tolerate the physical environment of the workplace. I had a job that was understanding, so I was allowed to work from home.

Getting Pain Management Help From Healthcare Providers

I know we all hurt, and if it’s unbearable, it’s important to see your doctor or even visit a pain management specialist. 

Personally, I started seeing a pain doctor a couple of years ago and they helped me find relief so I can be more comfortable. I’ve experimented and tried many routes for pain relief including physical therapy, a variety of medications, relaxation therapy, and change in diet. 

Stay strong and you will find what works for you. We are all in this together. Let’s take it one day at a time.   

Write down the impending thoughts, challenges, or worries related to pain on paper. Focus on something else, like a relaxing sensation with a scented candle or essential oil next to your bed. Perhaps try listening to music, or reminisce on a beautiful memory of some comfortable and safe place. 

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