Psoriasis is an auto immune skin disorder caused by the body mistaking the skin cells with a deficiency and growing excessive skin. This starts as small red dots on the skin, which develop into bigger bumps, they start growing additional skin and this causes layers of skin to form over one another and harden over time. It mostly starts from the scalp, under the hair line, but it can appear anywhere on the body.

As the top layers of the skin are scratched off, this reveals raw skin underneath and in some cases, the scratching leads to muscle tissues being exposed. As this is very similar to eczema, some doctors find it hard to differentiate between the two and people affected with psoriasis end up being misdiagnosed.

As the skin cells are already hardened by excessive growth, it is very hard to stop the bleeding on its own. Lesions are the most painful part of the disease and they can form anywhere on the body, this makes it even harder to stop the bleeding and clean the wound. As the skin breaks, it makes a pathway for the cut and when not fully healed, it starts bleeding again even with a single sudden movement, so extreme caution is advised until it heals completely.

The best way to treat psoriasis is to clean and disinfect the wound and cover it up until new skin. Aloe Vera gel, that is easily available is the best home remedy for this, as it reduces the itching and gives a cool soothing effect. There are some creams available that contain steroids that are also very effective in reducing the pain, but they present side effects like excessive hair growth on the body, especially for women and burning sensation in the eyes. Thus, steroids are not always the best option and should be avoided for as long as possible and only taken when prescribed by a specialist.