Gratitude With Psoriasis

We all have been taught at some point or another to stay humble. I understand humility well. There are some instances where I find myself checking myself. When you have a mass of people going through this or that it can become hard to remain humble. I am a patient advocate in Washington, DC and surrounding areas.

Doctor Appointment –  Trying To Keep My Cool

I had a doctor’s appointment which I had waited three months for. I find myself sitting in the waiting room for over an hour. I walk up to the counter and politely say excuse me!!! The receptionist looks at me when I said, my appointment was over and hour ago. Agitated, she says you’ll need to take a seat and when the doctor can see you, he’ll be out. I was very bothered by her non chant attitude. I said excuse me ma’am I have been waiting for over an hour.

I believe when we have diseases such psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis this frustrate you more than usual. I think because with all the medications starts messing with your emotions.

Does medication affect our emotions?

Absolutely, it does. When you are taking 5 or 6 different medications a day it can affect your emotions. I know for me personally some things I let roll off my back, but sometimes it isn’t that simple. I feel like ok, I’m going to be humble and not say anything. It is hard when you have multiple illnesses and are taking multiple medications.

Gratitude Lessons

My main takeaway is that it is hard enough living day to day with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I face pain and have come to acknowledge a big part of being humble is not giving someone else power. Sometimes when we are vulnerable to illness people sometimes tend to feel they can treat you less than the way they should.

How Much Does Be Offended Have To Do With Humility?

I think a large portion of feeling you have been offended by someone has a lot to do with remaining humble. It’s understandable to have feelings of you’ve been wronged. Sometimes we just must let it go. Psoriasis is a disease that not only affects the skin but an autoimmune as well. When the autoimmune system is comprised by whatever could be going on. You are quicker to react to a situation that you normally would overlook.

Psoriasis Has Given Me Wisdom

Psoriasis has been my teacher and has taught me valuable lessons. I have become humbler and not easily provoked. This was lifetime process. During my earlier years my humility was not as well controlled. I hated the fact that I was walking around with psoriasis covered over most of my body. When I felt that you were talking about my psoriasis; I would confront you. This is what happens when we’ve lived so many years with a disease. Gratitude becomes more of a reality than not being with humility. Pride goes out the door. I am too busy now trying to advocate for my disease so that others will learn what I’ve learned from living with psoriasis. I like doing patient advocacy work.