Psoriasis treatments can be expensive. In these tough and unpredictable times that we are living in, it is important to make sound financial decisions when it comes to our basic needs such as medication.

A third of people with psoriasis has trouble paying for their treatments.

Below are a few steps that you can take that will help you save on psoriasis treatments,

· Check Out NPF Financial Resource Center – If you are having problems paying for your treatments this website has a variety of programs that you might qualify for and they can come in handy.

· Some drug manufacturers of generics medications have been known to give medication free to patients who really need them and can’t pay for them.  Patients who fall under the middle-income earner’s category may get the drugs at substantially reduced prices.

· Generic Drugs

Consult with your doctor and request a generic prescription. They may not be as effective as other treatments such as the modern topical creams, but they are quite beneficial. It can also be cheaper to get your drugs through mail order, as it can be cheaper than buying over the counter at a pharmacy.

· Home Therapy Unit

A home therapy unit may be expensive initially, but in the end, it will save you money. They will save your office copays, gas for your car and travelling time and using your leave at work.

· Shop around

It will surprise you how much pharmacy prices vary. Call different pharmacies and enquire about their prices while comparing them. You can visit online pharmacies as well and confirm their prices, that way you will be able to get the best deals from the pharmacies near you.

· Samples and coupons

Sometimes it takes a while to find which drugs work best for you. It therefore advisable to ask your doctor for samples. This way you can be able to make informed long-term decisions on the drugs you intend to spend money on.  Pharmacy representatives sometimes leave coupons at the doctor’s office, you can request for them and they can help you buy your medication.

· Switch Medicare plans or get supplemental insurance

If the medical care plan you are currently on has proved insufficient, there is a period known as the Open Enrollment Period within which you can be able to switch to one that better serves your needs. You can start by calculating your real out of pocket expenses for the coming year and use the result to be able to make a decision on whether to switch the current plan or purchase a supplement.

Doctors do not always know the details of your medical cover. If the drugs are, too expensive you should be able to discuss that with your doctor. Doctors do not want you to leave with a prescription you cannot be able to pay for.

By just making smart decisions you can be able to manage your psoriasis without the enormous stress that comes with the heavy financial burdens that come with chronic illnesses.