Psoriatic Arthritis has affected my life more than you will ever know. It is important for your health to find the right doctors to help you. If you have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, make sure your doctors are aware of the other’s treatment. You need to get the best healthcare out there so that you don’t do further damage to your body. If you need help finding affordable health insurance, this article from WebMD covers the frequently asked questions about low-cost health insurance.

Feeling Pain and Emotional Distress From Psoraisis and Psoriatic Arthritis

I have never got used to the pain that I have with this disease, but let’s think about the emotional part of this. There are days I can’t get out of bed or walk up a flight of steps. I get so frustrated that I want to scream that I can’t do things anymore. I work from home because it takes so much energy out of me, just to get dressed in the mornings.

Take a look at this article I wrote for Health Union‘s It describes all the types of jobs that you can do from home if you are suffering from psoriasis or PsA. It is possible to work from home by fulfilling any of the following valuable positions:

  • Blogging from home to pay the bills.
  • Work as a graphic designer to help companies make their logos.
  • Foreign language specialists should look into working as a translator.
  • If you’re artistic, you should make jewelry and other items.

You’ll find more information about what types of jobs are available for people who want to work from home in that article I wrote for Health Union. There are several others I discuss in the article, and I even tell you how to take action on finding work for yourself. My other articles for this wonderful blogging network can be found on this page of Health Union’s site.

Sometimes You Just Need Someone to Talk to About Your Symptoms

There are times that I just want to be alone. But I have learned over the years to share my feelings, so people can understand what is on my mind. (That’s one of the reasons why I have my blog.) Having someone to talk to will help you feel better. Get that support; talk to family, doctors, and friends.

Meet people who inspire you to do more. Don’t be afraid. Get around people who make you feel good about yourself; not people who put you down. If you are on social media, don’t just “like” posts, respond to people and interact with them to build friendships with them. It helps and you will be surprised at how better you will feel. (Check out the community we’re building for psoriasis patients on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.)

Make Valuable Connections Online But Don’t Forget About Real Life

I have been seeing doctors, nurses, dermatologist since 1963. I know more doctors than I do people.  Everyone loves social media; but I’m old school and I still go visit places. Over the years, I have joined a few professional associations in Washington, DC and around the world that I still network with today.

Keep in mind that every person you meet is very valuable to you in some way. You never know who you can add to your tribe and who can be a big help to you.

I have done, seen, and been places that most people just dream about. I get these opportunities because I choose not to shy away from telling my story any longer. I have said this on many occasions; I tell my sorry to inspire others, not for pity.