I’ve learned to love the skin I’m in.

Pills, you see, don’t work for me!

There’s no cure for my disease… psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

The flakes, sores, scabs, pain are just a few of the symptoms I face day to day.

Don’t cry for me.

I’ve swallowed the pills prescribed by doctors; they don’t work for me.

I live with a disease called psoriasis.

In fact, I’ve developed five types of psoriasis in my lifetime.

Psoriasis: I Try to Never Give up Hope

My friends and family are learning to cope

  • It can be awful, unbearable, and downright shameful.
  • I get stares as if when looking at me, they’re trying to figure out… What’s wrong with her?
  • I scratch each day and wait for hope, just wondering if one day – I will be able to cope.

Finding a Cure for My Disease: Advice From a Patient Advocate for Psoriasis and PsA

I will tell you about a game I play; I close my eyes and my psoriasis fades away.

Don’t cry for me.

Creams, lotions, oils are a covering. Sometimes they don’t work for me.

Biologics showed up, and that’s worked for me. It’s been a miracle.

The swelling, infections, pain have been calmed. I have no reason to be alarmed.

My days are so much brighter and my load lighter. I have a disease called psoriasis.

I can’t help but think this disease has played a major role in my life.

If it has, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t cry for me.

I have to keep going; this isn’t the end. I’m crying on the inside so you will not see.

Don’t worry about the pain that runs through me.

I only wish for one more day, just to hear these words, one day:

“We found for a cure for psoriasis.”

Don’t cry for me.